Birdathon 2018

Audubon Society of Portland

Birdathon trips are fun and educational, AND they raise essential funds for Portland Audubon's conservation and education programs! 

Experience an amazing tour of some of Oregon's best birding areas with expert birders and trip leaders - you'll have a great time birding AND feel great about supporting wildlife conservation across Oregon.

This registration site is designed to make it easy for you to reach out to your friends and family, share your passion for birds and generate much-needed financial support for Portland Audubon's conservation work!

Fundraising Tips

Your friends and family will respond to your love of birds - the more personal, the better! Here are some quick bullet points to help get your creative juices flowing:

"I’m Birdathoning this year to raise money for Audubon Society of Portland’s conservation and education programs. I’m asking you to pledge me because Portland Audubon:
  • protects birds from our urban neighborhoods to Oregon’s high desert, ocean and forest
  • educates 20,000 adults and children every year about conservation through classes, camps and trips, events and programs
  • operates the only Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the Portland metro area, treating 3,000 native birds and animals each year, free of charge to the public
  • offers friendly-friendly experiences in nature at its 150 acre sanctuary in NW Portland
And because:
  • Birds are an important part of a diverse ecosystem!
  • You love Birds!
  • Birds are cool!
Half Day Trips: 
The Great Big Sit (April 28)
Jackson Bottom Ramblers (May 5)
A Song in the Morning (May 8)
Millennial Falcons (May 27)

Full Day Trips:
Mult Madness (May 3)
Clackamas Creepers (May 5)
Rockin' Auks (May 6)
Portland Sneak Creepers (May 6)
Tequila Mockingbirds (May 6)
Soggy Bottom Birders (May 11) 
Red-breasted Wine Suckers (May 12) 
The Murre the Merrier (May 12) 
Whittemore's Whatzits (May 13)
Team Starlight (May 20)
Blue-Crested Corvids (May 20)
Crow Magnons (May 26)
Road Runners (June 10)

Gonzo Trips: 2+ Days
The Wild Turkeys (May 18 - 20)
Owl Be Darned (May 25-27)
Lagerhead Shrikes (June 1-3)

Presented by:
RELEASE AND WAIVER: For in consideration of my participation in Our event, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, administrators, and assigns, release and discharge the venue and all involved sponsors and their respective servants, agents, employees, officials and officers, from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, loss, damage and causes of action of any sort, including attorney's fees for injuries sustained to my person or property incurred by reason of my participation or preparation for the above said event due to negligence or any fault. I hereby grant the organization specific permission to reproduce, publish, circulate, copyright, or otherwise use any and all photographs and/ or videotape of me and/ or my family taken at Our event, for use by the organization. I certify that my participation is free and voluntary. By clicking on the "Complete Registration" button below, I signify that I have read and understood the foregoing Release and Waiver, an, if under the age of 18, have the consent of a parent or guardian to participant in this event.